Stop overpaying with cabs or waiting for the bus and schedule your ride with Flux! 

YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE SO WE'D LIKE TO GIVE IT BACK TO YOU. Our ride sharing service is fast, reliable and more affordable than taking a taxi, limo, helicopter or time traveling portal across town Because you are sharing your ride. sometimes with a friend, neighbor, box or pizza because that's just how we like to mix things up. But don't worry, your commute time and wallet will be VERY happy! 

SCHEDULING HELPS ELIMINATE WAIT TIMES so book in advance through our mobile app or online today!


Fare Rates:


First 3 miles ONLY $5.00

$1.76 per additional mile

NO flag, pick-up, time or surging fees. 

...And we DO encourage you to flag us down! 




Quick stop - $3.50 for Less than 10 minutes

Multiple Stops - (Task service) $7.50 per 15 min


Try our online booking! 



*Online bookings are in 60 minute time blocks. *Minimum fare is $5.00. *Mileage INCLUDED with TASK SERVICE rate *Flux is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items within any of our or contractors vehicles. *Scheduled Rides must be cancelled a minimum of 45 minutes before pick up time to avoid cancellation fee.